Bedford Family DC Network

Bedford Family DC Network, a New York City contracted agency that manages a network of 80 child care providers, needed to streamline internal processes. Syngetics devised a product that combines a client software application and web-based portal. The 80 child care providers use the portal to input critical information, such as child attendance. That information is captured by the agency through the client application.


The client application allows the agency to process provider payment claims more efficiently and assists the agency with financial management capability to further streamline and improve financial performance. The portal also allows the agency to reduce telephone traffic by providing a means to communicate with providers through instant messaging, email, document transfer and alerts.



Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

A network of child care agencies was in search of a means to provide a more streamlined process of generating monthly reports to its various funding agencies. The organization wanted a process that was relatively easy to understand, affordable and that required few steps. Syngetics devised a client application and proprietary method to convert paper attendance records to data using a simple fax machine and an internet connection.


Technologies such as OMR and OCX were used to interpret the data, while the client application was written in Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic and C++. The client application is used to produce attendance sheets, transfer data between the central server using FP, and produce the subsidy reports. The simple process allows for easy education of new employees. The method employs a remote server, managed by Syngetics, and client workstations at each Boys and Girls Club l


To assist clinical trial researchers in patient recruitment, Syngetics developed a web based system that allows participants to search for clinical trials based on indicated criteria. The company uses XML, PHP and Visual Foxpro to convert XML-based clinical trial data to MySQL tables, filter and parse processed information and provide access to web visitors. Researchers are able to design and deploy questionnaires for prospecive participants and analyze results for possible participant eligibility requirement changes. Prospective participants are also able to contact researchers directly through the site.

Solutions by Design

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